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About Us
Incorporated in 2009, Dream Plus Multi Services Pvt. Ltd. is a category 'B' ISP and Central India's first ISO accredited Broadband Service Provider. One of the leading independent ISPs in Central India, Dreamnet offers high speed Internet through Ethernet LAN platform to residential users and through FTTH to SME and Corporate customers throughout the city. As a part of its growth plans, Dreamnet is rapidly expanding its presence in other towns across Bihar & Jharkhand. The Research & Development team of Draeamnet is constantly in look out for latest technologies in the field of networking & distribution and to adopt those in such a manner which would be congenial to the climatic as well as socio-economic environment of our country.
Dreamnet is gradually emerging as one of the major re-sellers of VoIP minutes in the Metro, catering to a large number of corporates and BPOs.2014 has turned out to be another successful year for the company with its two fledgling wings, the state-of-the-art software development team and the professional consultancy team for ISPs, SMEs, BPOs, etc.
comprising of superlative talent, yet down to earth bunch of youth, putting their first toddling steps in such extreme competitive fields and making their presence felt.
Alliance's over 800 kms of optic fiber cable network in all its operational areas facilitates world-class service delivery to its customers. The company has so far invested a substantial amount on Broadband cable infrastructure across the city. The network has been put together by partnering with companies likes Cisco, Allied Telesyn, Elitecore Technologies, etc. Alliance employs over 250 skilled people and plans to upgrade its talent base over the next two years.

Business Broadband

Alliance Broadband offers high-speed data and voice services through the Internet. Primarily, it offers high speed Internet services to residential, corporate and SME customers. For corporate and SME customers Alliance offers dedicated leased line to enable them to upload & download huge amounts of data.


Wireless (WiFi) Broadband

Wireless adds mobility to Alliance's existing offerings of high-speed data and voice services. With this service Alliance will tap new markets and enhance connectivity to existing customers throughout the city.